A Year of W’s

With my oldest daughter’s wedding quickly approaching, I have decided to make the year 2017 a year of W’S.
Wake – each day happy, healthy and ready
Word – read and pray the word of God daily
Write – blog, journal, manuscript
Walk – a little every day
Water – 8 glasses a day
Work – physical, mental, spiritual
Website – new, improved, personal and bookstore
Wife – be a better partner
Win – be an example of positive thinking
Wise – read, study, learn something new every day
Wait – work on patience
Wonder – allow myself to be a child at heart
Wander – roam, travel, journey
Want – stay hungry for something better
Waste – nothing
Watch – be aware of others, be open
Whole – be complete, all God’s intention, full potential
Wedding – March 4th, incredibly special, cannot wait to share their day, gaining a son

I know I will extend this list as the months pass but for now, I am focused on these W’s. What about you? Any W’s for your year or any other resolutions? Thank the good Lord that every day is a new day and a fresh start. Happy 2017