Waste Not, Want Not

Scraping the peanut butter jar with a dinner knife until it is clean enough to send back to the company for a refill was something my dad took pride in. He never passed up the chance to get the very most out of things. Could be the way he was raised; wasting nothing, taking nothing for granted, getting the most out of what we’re given. Could be he just loved licking peanut butter off the end of a butter knife or he was just finishing what her started. Probably a lot of those things. The thing I love about this picture is that I took it on my kitchen counter. My child evidently picked up a few things from his grandfather as I believe all of his grandchildren and children did. Good things like not taking advantage, not wasting, not assuming. Good things like working hard so you have enough to save and yet some to give away, using all that God gives. My dad left us with so many great lessons that it would take forever to list them all and as big events happen in our lives, I can hear his voice in my ear encouraging, pushing, congratulating, comforting. We spent a lot of time around one another. Wasting nothing. Wanting nothing really. Oftentimes just spending time. I watched him scrape a peanut butter jar many, many times and sometimes I thought, “Oh for crying out loud, just get another jar. It’s empty.” But if he had, I wouldn’t have gotten the message and more importantly, neither would my children. Sometimes buried within a person’s odd habits can be some pretty good lessons. So scrape the good stuff out of life, take nothing for granted, use all God gives, know others are watching, waste not, want not, and most importantly, enjoy.