Awaken in the night for several years in a row to feed my babies, I began writing down my prayers.  I knew that my “trial and error” parenting at its best could not get these children raised as good Christians and ready to take on the challenges of this world. The only way was obviously for me to pray each child through life; to call upon Jesus and Mary and the Saints and Angels to walk with these children, to protect them, to comfort them and to lead them.

Bless My Child begins with prayers for our children before they are born and continues until they are married, or choose the single life or a religious vocation. Prayers range from teething to first days of school to choosing a college. There is a rosary for moms to pray specifically for our children and space on most pages to write specific intentions or prayers of our own.

Bless My Child is a great gift for a new mom or a seasoned, struggling mom. Let’s face it, all our children need prayer to thrive in this world. All our children need the help that only heaven can give.  I pray this little book will touch the hearts of all mothers as we join in prayer for our children.


Constantly asked at the Bookstore, “Do you have a Bible with Christ’s words in red,” I decided to take the words of Jesus from Scripture and use them for meditation. After removing the duplicates from the four Gospels, there were enough words or phrases for an entire year.

It is often risky taking the words of Jesus out of context. Those who study scripture may argue that it changes the meaning. But I simply wanted to put His words into my daily life and meditate on their meaning for today. I found tremendous hope and guidance and peace in His words. I found that the words of Jesus are really all we need for the journey. His words are truth and light. He truly is the Way.

Jesus at My Side can be used for personal prayer and meditation or group study.  I encourage us to read the words in and out of their context. I pray that His words will bring us all to a closer relationship with the One who loves us unconditionally.


Many customers have come in St. Mary’s Bookstore and shared their incredible pilgrimages to different Marian Apparition sites all over the world. They have shown us pictures and have told unbelievable stories of faith and of miraculous events. One day the girl in our office commented, “I’ll never get to those places. I wish I could but I know I won’t.” This made me think that we do not have to travel overseas to have special encounters with Our Lady. There are hundreds of Shrines built in honor of Mary all over the United States. Actually, we do not even have to leave our own homes to spend time in prayer to Her but there is something about the journey; something about a pilgrimage.

Where are the Shrines? Why were they built? Who did the work? For two years, my family and I traveled to many of the Shrines throughout the U.S. to find answers. Visiting Mary is about our journey and the graces we encountered. The Shrines are here. Many in our own cities. All we need to do is to take the time to visit. All we need is to accept the gifts, receive the graces, take the journey. In the back of the book, there is a list of many of these Shrines where Our Lady waits for us. Believe me, it’s worth the time.


What does the Church consider a sacramental? How do sacramentals help our spiritual lives? Why should we want to know more about the sacramentals of the Church? Are they necessary in our journey? These questions and more are answered in Amazing Graces.

When I was asked to write a book on sacramentals, I had to consider what information I could possibly give that could not simply be googled. What a sacramental is and how to use them can be found all over the internet. But, what about personal experiences? What about sharing the graces that others have received by the use of sacramentals in their lives?

Amazing Graces tells a bit of the history of certain sacramentals and relates a story from myself or others about experiences with the gift as well as graces received. All of the sacramentals are certainly not included and I welcome input on further sacramentals. What about the graces you’ve received from the use of sacramentals? What is your story?


A simple conversation, a loving encounter, an act of faith in someone you trust—prayer is so much simpler than we sometimes think. When the daily challenges of life threaten to overwhelm us, God is always close.
Talking to God helps bring all your daily concerns to the heart of God. You’ll find prayers for different times of day and for a variety of situations, including facing challenges, letting go of anxiety and interacting with
loved ones. These hopeful, reassuring meditations will give you strength, comfort and insight, supporting you as you support your children, your spouse, your colleagues and your friends. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, these prayers bring hope and perspective in every situation of life. Carry these prayers with you—both literally and figuratively, thanks to the book’s convenient size—as you go about your daily tasks. Become persistent in your prayer life. St. Paul directs us to: “pray without ceasing” (1Thes 5:17). From the moment we wake until
our eyes close at the end of a long day, God is always close to us in our need. He is always desiring that connection with each of us. Jesus wants us to ask, to seek and to knock. Allow Him in. Every day. All day.
Receive his abundant blessings and his gifts of grace.