Make Believe…Real

When they are young and life is a zoo, we cannot wait for our children to grow up. When they are grown and ready to venture out on their own, we wish they were still our babies. There is truth and wisdom in truly enjoying every moment with our children. There is truth and beauty in allowing the good and the bad to be remembered, to be time spent together well. Before we turn around, what seems like just playing dress up turns into the real thing.

This past weekend my oldest daughter had the final fitting of her wedding dress. Wow. She’s just incredibly beautiful. She had her trial run with hair and makeup on Saturday and when I saw her after work, again, wow. On Sunday, as I watched her youngest sister play volleyball and the second oldest coach volleyball, I listened as she and her father were trying to decide upon a song to dance to after the wedding. I’m cheering for each point as tears fill my eyes. I’m happy to be in a large arena sitting alone, my emotions bouncing off the walls. I’m happy to be multi-tasking as I have for years upon years, enjoying each and every moment that I could with my children while juggling work inside and outside our home. It’s funny but I think the harder we had to work to make it to many of our children’s events, to spend time with them, to take care of them when they were sick or to arrange for them to be taken care of, the more all those times mean to us. My children are keenly aware of all of those moments. They seem to take nothing for granted.

Ya see, my mother took them to choose hats and furs and to drink tea that day. And that night, they enjoyed the day all over again by sharing it with us. I guess my point is that time does fly by and we may feel we miss some moments but what’s important is that we make the most of those that God gives for us to be together and that our children know the importance of being there for one another. Seems like yesterday when this bride-to-be and her maid-of-honor were playing dress up together and in a little over two weeks the one will be making sure the other one’s veil and dress are laid out perfectly to walk down the aisle. Ya know, we have to live life no matter how fleeting, no matter how hectic, one event at a time, one moment, one diaper, one game, one dance, one wedding at a time. It may not be all make believe and dress up in fur coats and hats, but it is a gift. A real gift. And I could not be more grateful to God for all of it. The make believe and the real.

My Oldest Daughter

My daughter is graduating from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Al this weekend and I have all those mixed mom emotions of being proud of all she has accomplished and being sad that she will be moving along in her own life and not needing us quite as much. I know, I know, she will need us for a while but this is just the beginning of her making a new life for herself. I’d like to just tell the moms out there who have heard it said or have said it themselves that, “Life goes by so quickly” or “Wow, you blink and they are out of grade school” or “High school seemed to fly by”, college is truly the fastest four years I have ever experienced. I guess it’s because we may not see them as much and in some cases only at Christmas and Easter break. Beth and I seemed to keep up with one another and I feel like she came home for a lot of the family stuff but I’m tellin’ ya, it’s quick. I can’t say how many times I had to bite my lip when she would decide to go with friends for Spring Break or her internship kept her from a long weekend visit. But, her father and I are so proud of her graduating with honors and we are so proud of all she has done in her internships, heightening awareness for the two non-profits where she worked. She is one dedicated woman and although we know that she will not want to “need” us, we want her to know that we will always be excited for her to come home, just like my parents seemed to be as each of us moved back and forth through their house for all those years. (My parents even had some move in that were not ours from the start). Anyway – Congratulations Beth! You are awesome.