God is Brilliant

I received this picture from my college freshman from the laundry room, obviously somewhere other than her dorm, and it made me really stop and think. She’s beautiful like the others but she’s way different than her sisters. Not one of the others would sit in the clothes cart while waiting for their laundry to dry. One would study, one would leave the clothes and run errands, and the other would probably just chat it up with everyone in the room as she waits. The point is, regardless of being raised under the same roof, every child is different. I know that’s old news and I’m not just realizing it, but this picture reminds me that they each think differently. They each act and react differently, learn differently, and even eat differently. I have no gluten, no meat, no dairy, anything goes children. I have always prepared, slightly anxious, last minute is fine, come from behind children. I have don’t talk to me in the morning, mornings are okay, I love mornings, is it already morning children. And the list continues but the point is still the same. Isn’t God Brilliant!? He makes life so exciting and yet quite the challenge. When we embrace differences, we succeed. When we fight differences, we remain in constant turmoil. And through it all, when we pray, we find peace. Whether our children find their way by making laundry fun or making it a chore, whether they wait until the last minute when they have nothing else to wear or they deal with it as the basket fills, they will all figure it out in their own way, at their own pace. Give boundaries. Set standards. Pray and watch with wonder. Then pray more. It’s a strange world and each will set out after it in a different manner but hopefully, their differences will someday be our delight.