Make Resolutions, Set Goals for 2017

Why do we make New Year Resolutions? What good are they when 9 years out of 10 we end up with a fail?  Do we set impossible goals? Are we unrealistic?

All of these are good questions and are the very reasons why many have canned the idea of making New Year Resolutions but I would like to get back to the idea of pushing ourselves to be better, to do more, to set goals that make us stretch ourselves. I would like for us to challenge ourselves each day to do something outside our comfort zone. If we fail today, we have 364 more days to pursue our goals. Each day is a new start and each day is a possibility to succeed.

Make those resolutions. Set Goals. Do your best every day and if you come up short, instead of tossing the year, start again tomorrow. Review your day and see where things went wrong. That in itself is a good habit. If you feel you’ve set goals that are impossible, reset those goals and when you reach them, push yourself harder. There are no rules but if we do not set some kind of resolutions, we’ll remain stagnant, we’ll never expand our potential, we’ll never grow.

Whether we want a better mind or body or soul, whether we want to read more, workout more or pray more, if we do not set goals, we have nothing to achieve. So go ahead. Make your lists. Do your best each day. Try. And if you fall short, remember, tomorrow is another day. Another chance. A gift from God. Go for it. Happy New Year from our family to yours!

What He Sees

“Not as man sees does God see, because he sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart.” Samuel 16

The New Year turns many of us into organizational wild people. All we can think about is what we can do to clean up and clean out and start anew. At the bookstore, we have been cleaning and moving things around and making the store better so our customers can get a fresh look at new, exciting product. But, this morning’s reading reminds me that what the Lord really cares about is the heart of the store. We can work to make the store more organized and beautiful but what are we doing for those who walk through those doors? Where is the heart? Are we truly loving our customers and do they know we care? Do we take time to listen?
I think God speaks to everyone today whether as we work inside or outside the home. The organization of our homes and our businesses may make us feel good about the way things look but what makes God feel good about us is what’s in our hearts. So relax. Focus on the love. Even the smallest of businesses and the poorest of families and the weakest of all can please the Lord everyday.
What about you? Are you on to the heart of the matter for the New Year?