Marian Shrines

Many customers come into our bookstore and share their incredible pilgrimages to different Marian Apparition sites all over the world. They show us pictures and tell unbelievable stories of faith and of miraculous events.  One day the girl in our office commented, “I’ll never get to those places. I wish I could but I know I won’t.”  This made me think, “We do not have to travel overseas to have special encounters with Our Lady.” There are hundreds of shrines built in honor of Mary all over the United States. Actually we do not even have to leave our own homes to spend time in prayer to Her but there is something special about the journey; about a pilgrimage.
For two years my family and I traveled to many of the shrines throughout the United States. Visiting Mary is about our journey and the graces we encountered along the way. The shrines are here; the pictures will give a taste of their beauty. All we need to do is take the time to visit. All we need is to accept the gifts, receive the graces, take the journey. In the back of the book are lists of many of the shrines noting their locations. Mary waits for you. Believe me, it’s worth the time.